Our Master Tea Tasters

Harp & Lyre® works closely with three highly respected Master Tea Tasters who are based in the UK and abroad. Our Master Tea Tasters are renowned for their expertise and skills in selecting the finest teas and creating and evaluating the most exquisite blends. These three veterans of the tea industry have come together to create Harp & Lyre®’s exclusive blends. We are very proud of this relationship and it is one of Harp & Lyre®’s great strengths.


Our Master Tea Tasters come with 40 to 50 years of experience in tasting, planting, production and processing of teas produced around the world. Understanding the origin, production methods, quality process and value of these teas are key skills for a taster and blender. They taste teas from all around the world but particularly from the larger tea-producing countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China and Africa.


Tea tasting is a truly refined art, a craft that takes years to perfect. Our Master Tea Tasters use their artistic skills to create our luxury blends. The selection of a highly prized tea is akin to an artist painting an exquisite picture or a talented musician composing beautiful music. Our tea and packaging are inspired by this connection with the artisan.


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