Tea Selection Process

Our Master Tea Tasters select the finest quality tippy golden leaf teas to create our luxury blends.

Our signature blends are 100% Assam Orthodox tea and 100% Darjeeling tea, picked during the peak second flush season and processed using traditional Orthodox methods. Our blends display the Assam and Darjeeling logos, certified marks of the Tea Board of India, as proof of authenticity.

'Darjeeling Tea' and 'Assam Orthodox Tea' are protected internationally as Geographical Indications (GI). Only teas exclusively from tea gardens located within defined geographical regions can display the Assam or Darjeeling logos. These gardens meet criteria laid down by the Tea Board of India for planting, growing, plucking, processing and production of tea. GI tea gardens produce tea with a distinctive, natural flavour which has won the patronage and recognition of discerning consumers all over the world.

Our tea undergoes a rigorous selection process. In the tea tasting room, we utilise the palates and olfactory senses of Master Tea Tasters to create our blends. The appearance of the leaf and the quality of the infusion and liquor are assessed to ensure that only teas with the best make, golden tips, aroma, colour and taste are selected, distinctive to the special characteristics of tea produced in the GI tea gardens.

Our teas are tested in a laboratory for Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) which are verified and accredited by international quality inspection agencies.

'Darjeeling' – Logo and Word are Registered Certification Marks of Tea Board of India DJ/HOOL/034/11032011/UK.
'Assam' – Logo and Word are Registered Certification Marks of Tea Board of India.



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